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Connect to people, opportunities and jobs. The MKU app makes it easier to connect to people. Build and nurture your professional network through professional positioning and creating your own professional brand on MKU.
It starts with your MKU profile. It's more than just your professional resumes - it shows the world who you are, your accomplishments, your constant achievements, milestones through the Career Journal. Essentially, it is about telling the world what you have accomplished for your career and everything you want them to know about your professional self.
- Search for people, jobs, companies and groups- Tell your story with your professional profile and create your "Professional Positioning" which is your personal brand.- Update your professional profile constantly on the app to ensure relevance to your current experience so that your skills and competencies are ready to be mapped to current opportunities and searches by others- Share your professional achievements with your connections through Journal - meeting sales targets, accomplishment of goals, etc that you want your professional connections to know. Its like a public wall where you list your professional accomplishments, goals, aims, milestones.- Grow your professional network exponentially.- Share and exchange business card details with a professional contact who also has MKU app by either adding via "Nearby" or "Shake" phone at the same time. Both business card details will be sync to each others address book/ contacts in the phone directly. Hassle free business card exchanges. - Chat with your professional contacts - create project groups, broadcast and have private business chat.